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 Example(use this as an example)

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PostSubject: Example(use this as an example)   Fri Dec 15, 2006 10:40 pm

Ok use this Clan Audience Hall as an example for yours.

If your a ruler, set yours up much like this, word it however you like though, just make your own thread and title it the force of your clan.
Like this.

Azai Hall

Then post in it something like this.

Here is where all warriors willing to serve the Azai shall form up, and join the Azai.
I will have a quik conversation with you to see if you are worthy to join the Azai Clan.

Then the Ruler of the clan talks to the warriors who wishes to join them, it is completly up to the ruler if he/she wants the warrior to join his/her clan.

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Example(use this as an example)
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