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 Rules *everyone must read*

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Rules *everyone must read* Empty
PostSubject: Rules *everyone must read*   Rules *everyone must read* Icon_minitimeWed Feb 21, 2007 5:48 pm

OK, I was promoted as a moderator, so there are a few rules that you must follow that id like all to obey:

1. No swearing, no disrespectful or racist comments.
2. Only talk about music, nothing else.
3. No talk of downloads. Downloading is illegal, so do it on your own time.
4. No flaming or disrespecting anyone.
5. Talking about all types of music is allowed: rock, country, metal, jazz, blues, and rap. All fine topics.

Anything else that you'd like me to add onto this list of rules. Just post them here and i'll take them into consideration.

Rules *everyone must read* Forumbannerpw6
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Rules *everyone must read*
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